Standardized reporting

Facilitating clinical and research data collection; driving practice quality improvement

Standardized reporting improves the practice of interventional radiology

Reporting templates for procedural and peri-procedural documentation


The Society of Interventional Radiology Standardized Reporting Initiative is  helping members with the integration of standardized and structured reporting into IR practice.

SIR advocates the adoption of practice paradigms that, above all, improve patient outcomes. Standardized reporting provides many benefits: In today’s healthcare environment, reducing ambiguity and adherence to guidelines are extremely important. Guidelines are viewed by many in the health care arena as an effective way to reduce costs, improve quality and deliver better patient care. 

Standardized reporting initiative User Guide (PDF)

(Over time, new reporting templates will be generated and existing templates will be updated)

Note: Reports are provided in two formats: RTF and xml Powerscribe-ready.



<p>Standardized reporting will facilitate clinical and research data collection as well as drive practice quality improvement.</p>

Standardized reporting will facilitate clinical and research data collection as well as drive practice quality improvement.

Standardized Reporting templates*

View and download the reporting templates  (Please contact Debbie Ramsburg at to receive reporting templates).

The importance of quality measures

"It was important for SIR to take on the development of performance measures for the interventional radiology community because no one else was fully able to represent the needs of interventional radiologists in this space ..."

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*Note: Files will be added on on ongoing basis. Please check back if the report you need is not yet posted.

Important: ACR Participation Agreement

In order to facilitate the submission of your data to the NRDR, the ACR has developed a Participation Agreement and BAA for your use. The Participation Agreement and BAA (download the PDF) must be signed and returned to the NRDR Administrator before your facility can enter data to the registry.The BAA fully complies with the requirements of HIPAA and pertinent provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) as found in Subpart D of ARRA, or described as the Health Information Technology of Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH).