Guidelines and Statements

Research Reporting Standards for Radioembolization of Hepatic Malignancies

Riad Salem, MD, MBA, Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, Vanessa L. Gates, MS, Charles W. Nutting, DO, Ravi Murthy, MD, Steven C. Rose, MD, Michael C. Soulen, MD, Jean-Francois H. Geschwind, MD, Laura Kulik, MD, Yun Hwan Kim, MD, Carlo Spreafico, MD, Marco Maccauro, MD, Lourens Bester, MD, Daniel B. Brown, MD, Robert K.W. Ryu, MD, Daniel Y. Sze, MD, PhD, William S. Rilling, MD, Kent T. Sato, MD, Bruno Sangro, MD, Jose Ignacio Bilbao, MD, Tobias F. Jakobs, MD, Samer Ezziddin, MD, Suyash Kulkarni, MD, Aniruddha Kulkarni, MD, David M. Liu, MD, David Valenti, MD, Philip Hilgard, MD, Gerald Antoch, MD, Stefan P. Muller, MD, Hamad Alsuhaibani, MD, Mary F. Mulcahy, MD, Marta Burrel, MD, Maria Isabel Real, MD, Stewart Spies, MD, Abdulredha A. Esmail, MD, Jean-Luc Raoul, MD, Etienne Garin, MD, PhD, Mathew S. Johnson, MD, Al B. Benson, III, MD, Ricky A. Sharma, MD, Harpreet Wasan, MD, Bieke Lambert, MD, Khairuddin Memon MD, Andrew S. Kennedy, MD, and Ahsun Riaz, MD, for the Technology Assessment Committee and Interventional Oncology Task Force of the Society of Interventional Radiology

J Vasc Interv Radiol 2011; 22:265–278

Guideline Status: Current

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