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SIR Guidelines mobile application

It's what you've been waiting for!

The SIR Guidelines app is the go-to source for SIR’s published guidelines and statements at your fingertips.

SIR Guidelines is free to use and allows healthcare workers to quickly access evidence-based recommendations in an easy-to-use, point of care format intended to simplify clinical decision-making.

The initial release includes an interactive periprocedural recommendation calculator that generates scenario-specific anticoagulation and antibiotic recommendations based on the SIR consensus guidelines. Users can input medications and patient factors to generate recommendations tailored for the patient’s and procedural bleeding risk.

The app will be continually updated to include new Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) and tools to assist in clinical decision-making.


Download the app from the App Store and on Google Play.

<p>Medication selection menu in the SIR Guidelines mobile application.</p>

Medication selection menu in the SIR Guidelines mobile application.


The SIR Guidelines mobile app was built by a group of dedicated SIR volunteers.  Thank you to the developer group:

Project directors

  • Andrew J. Gunn, MD
  • Alda L. Tam, MD, FSIR

Software development team

  • Seth J. Berkowitz, MD
  • Joseph Chui
  • John Do, MD
  • Joseph Macksood
  • Mathew Thomas, MD

Content development team

  • Osman Ahmed, MD
  • Elizabeth Himes, MPH
  • Junjian Huang, MD
  • Sheena Patel, MPH

Product testing

  • Adrian Chui

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The Society is providing information and services on this mobile app as a benefit and educational service intended for licensed health care professionals. The information posted here by the Society or any third party should not be considered medical advice or standard of care, and is not intended to replace the independent judgment of or consultation with a qualified medical professional.  The use of the mobile app and the Society Content is voluntary and for educational purposes only. Accordingly, the Society assumes no liability for or relating to the use of the content contained within the mobile app by users.