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There are many types of cancer, and cancer can start any place in the body. Cancer tumors originate when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. These tumors are categorized as malignant. A variety of factors contribute to the development of cancer, including genetics, age, tobacco use and ethnic factors. A common method to determine whether a tumor is malignant is through a biopsy. 

What is the IR’s role in cancer treatment?

IR treatments for cancer are options if you are not a candidate for surgical treatments, if you don’t want surgery, or if your cancer has not responded to cancer drugs. IR may also be used to diagnose cancer (for example in an image-guided biopsy), to drain infections and abnormal collections of fluid in the chest and abdomen, or to place devices such as chest ports so that those who must receive regular infusions of chemotherapy drugs can have them delivered directly into the bloodstream.

The most common cancers IRs treat with image-guided techniques are lung, liver, kidney and bone cancers.


IR cancer treatments

The minimally invasive treatments for cancer are options for people who are not candidates for surgical treatments, those who don’t want surgery and individuals whose cancer did not respond to cancer drugs.

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Learn more how IR is changing the standard of patient care.

Watch Gene Johnson tell Congress about how interventional radiology helped him get back on his feet—literally—and eliminated his cancer-related pain without medication.  

Read more about how IR helped Gene manage his cancer-related pain without opioids in IR Quarterly, where you can also learn more about the role interventional radiology can play in your cancer care.

Disclaimer: SIR is providing this information as a public service. SIR assumes no liability, legal, financial or otherwise for the accuracy of this information or the manner in which it is used. SIR does not offer medical advice. This information is being provided for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. It is best to seek advice and attention from your physician or qualified health care professional.

Get back to living your best life.

Get back to living your best life.

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An interventional radiologist—or IR—can help you. IRs are board-certified physicians who use imaging guidance to deliver minimally invasive, targeted treatments with a quicker recovery. IRs help treat many of today’s toughest medical problems, including cancer.

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Collaborating for better cancer care

Dr. Edward Kim, an interventional radiologist, and his colleague Dr. Myron Schwartz, a liver surgeon, discuss how they partner to provide optimal care for cancer patients at Mount Sinai Medical Center. 

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Through a tiny nick in your skin, IRs use catheters to treat many conditions that once required major open surgery or are difficult to treat, such as cancers, uterine fibroids, varicose veins, and enlarged prostate.

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