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Resident, Fellow and Student Section

The purpose of the RFS Section is to promote the clinical paradigm of interventional radiology practice at the resident, fellow, and medical student level by introducing the specialty to trainees passionate about the ideas that embody the future of IR, by stressing the necessity of becoming disease experts, and above all else, by focusing on patient centered care.

In addition to the general mission and vision of the Society as set forth in the Bylaws, the objectives of this section shall be:

  • We are the voice for residents, fellows and medical student in pursuit of their training as clinicians and Interventional Radiologists
  • We will work to further promote the clinical model of Interventional Radiology practice, as residents, fellows, and medical students by stressing service to the patient first and foremost.
  • We will continually expand our knowledge base to become true disease experts, with fundamental understandings of the epidemiology, pathophysiology, natural history, and evidence based medicine of the diseases that we treat. This will ultimately serve our patients well as we deliver longitudinal care.
  • We will embrace the IR residency and continue to advocate the development of resident, fellow and medical student-driven clinics.
  • As the future of the Society, we will work to recruit the best and the brightest like-minded physicians and students into the specialty and the Society to help further propel Interventional Radiology to the forefront of clinical medicine and patient care. 

RFS Governing Council 2018-2019

David Maldow, MD - RFS Chair
Bryce Bodell, MD - Recruitment Chair
Justin Guan, MD - Communications Co-Chair
Charles Hyman, MD - Communications Co-Chair
Junjian Huang, MD - Advocacy, Health Policy & Economics Co-Chair (Advocacy Branch)
Chris Molloy, MD - Advocacy, Health Policy & Economics Co-Chair (Health Policy and Economics Branch)
Erica Alexander, MD - Membership Chair
Shantanu Warhadpande, MD - Clinical Education Chair
David Duncan, MD - IR Residency Training Chair
Marco Ertreo, MD - International Outreach Co-Chair
Rajat Chand, MD - International Outreach Co-Chair
Jill Zhang, MD - Women in IR Chair
Dania Daye, MD, PhD - Research and Innovation Chair
Lauren Park - Medical Student Council Chair
Eric Keller, MA - Webmaster Chair

Paul J. Rochon, MD, FSIR - SARC Chair, Faculty Mentor
George Vatakencherry, MD, FSIR - RFS Faculty Mentor

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The RFS community is a closed community exclusively for SIR medical student, resident and fellow members.  



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