NP and PA Section

NP and PA Section

The Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Section was established within SIR to provide a forum in which Advanced Practice Nurses (i.e., Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists) or Physician Assistants, can work together to exchange information, education and resources to excel.

Section objectives

In addition to the general mission and vision of the Society as set forth in the Bylaws, the objectives of this section shall be:

  • Unify Advance Practice Providers working in interventional radiology and provide a supportive environment for learning.
  • Increase steady enrollment and involvement of NPs and PAs in SIR.
  • Distribute most up to date research on best practice measures.
  • Develop and present educational programs accredited by accepted credentialing bodies.
  • Provide a forum that supports NPs and PAs in IR and encourages exchange of information that will increase expertise in patient and procedural care.

      Section membership

      • The NP and PA Section was created to serve the NP and PA members of the SIR Associate Non-Physician category. 
      • Section membership is also open to all SIR members, including physicians and Clinical Nurse Specialists, who support the initiatives of this section.  
      • Section membership requires a current SIR membership. 
        • Visit your profile to verify your membership status. 
        • To learn more about the SIR Associate (Non-Physician Medical Professional) category, visit our membership. You may also apply online.
      • Section members have access to the NP and PA SIR Connect Community and section leadership. Members are also able to join committees to help develop professional resources and activities.

      Section governing council (2023-2024)

      Section Chair

      Carrie Marie Hayes, MS, PA-C

      Section Vice Chair

      Angela Nash, PA, PhD

      Section Secretary

      Brittany Sugimoto, PA

      Annual Meeting Planning Committee Chair

      Lyndsey Ritze, PA

      Continuing Education Committee Chair

      Tali Fudim, NP

      Membership Chair

      Nicholas Oravetz, PA-C

      Clinical Practice Committee Chair

      Jennifer Baker, NP


      NP and PA Section at the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting

      NP and PA Section at the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting

      The NP and PA Annual Meeting Planning Committee works tirelessly every year to produce robust programming for advanced practice providers at the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. There are three events specifically designed for section members and other advanced practice providers onsite:

      1. 4 hours of educational programming spotlighting NP and PA only speakers
      2. 1.5 hours of hands-on programming featuring 15+ work stations
      3. 1 hour of informal networking with lunch

      Members of SIR and the NP and PA section receive a special member registration rate, and are strongly encouraged to attend.


      SIR Annual Scientific Meeting website

      IR Quarterly featured article

      Over the last 20 years, IR has seen an increase in the hiring of advanced practice providers (APPs), including nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs); the term "midlevel" is no longer used. IRs are recognizing such benefits as increasing revenue, throughput, billing and interface of APPs with providers/patients. APPs often become the face of IR in the facility. They increase the turnaround times in the IR suite. APPs become an integral part of the IR team...


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      SIR Shorts: 10-minute cases

      SIR members only: SIR Shorts are short videos for quick reference material. Use the filters to sort by education pathway. The NP and PA Section was first to create SIR Shorts, featuring eight videos on chest ports!


      The Kinked Wire Podcast: Episode 40 The potential of advance practice providers in interventional radiology

      Host Warren Krackov, MD, FSIR, speaks with SIR NP&PA Section Chair Carrie Hayes, PA, and Membership Chair Nick Oravetz, PA,  about how advanced practice providers (APPs) can help interventional radiologists meet the needs of patients, paths to becoming a PA or NP in IR, and more.


      The NP and PA Continuing Education Committee provides newsletters highlighting current and upcoming activities for section members. Read about NPs and PAs at SIR's Annual Scientific Meeting, educational offerings and more!


      Spring newsletter

      Fall newsletter


      Spring newsletter

      Fall newsletter