"Trainees First"

"Trainees First"

The SIR Annual Meeting Committee and Association of Program Directors in IR (APDIR) have created an abstract review mentorship program for the SIR Annual Meeting Scientific Program. This program will enable residents and fellows to participate with their program director in the review of abstract submissions for the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting.

Program Directors

All IR residency and fellowship program directors are encouraged to volunteer for "Trainees First".  To volunteer, respond to the SIR Annual Meeting Committee's Call for Abstract Reviewers.  Within the volunteer form, there will be an area for you to indicate your interest in "Trainees First".  You will also be asked to provide the name(s) of your residents or fellows who will participate. 

The responsibilities of the participating program director:

  1. The program director will select 1 or 2 of their residents or fellows to review and comment on the abstracts that have been assigned to the program director.
  2. After review by the trainee, the program director will assess the reviews and provide the trainee with feedback of their review.
  3. The program director is responsible for submitting the final review (score and comments) into the review module.

Participation is optional. Program directors may participate solely as an abstract reviewer without participating in "Trainees First"

Residents and Fellows

Residents and fellows may participate in the review of scientific abstract for the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting thorough the "Trainees First" program.  Encourage your program director to participate in the program by responding to the Call for Abstract Reviewers.  Within the form your program director must indicate their interest in participating in "Trainees First" and list your name as a participating trainee.   

If you are selected to participate, you must be available between October 9-21, 2019 to review the abstracts assigned to you by your program director. SIR membership required.

Participating programs will be recognized on the SIR website, APDIR website, and in the JVIR supplement, March 2020.

For more information, contact Janet Mitchell, Annual Meeting Program Coordinator.

<p>SIR 2019 Annual Meeting attendees search the electronic posters during the Poster Reception.</p>

SIR 2019 Annual Meeting attendees search the electronic posters during the Poster Reception.