SIR Foundation launches new network to foster IR research

IR Clinical Trials Network will provide research teams with support at all stages of clinical trial development.

BOSTON (June 11, 2022)—SIR Foundation launched a program to enhance the scientific rigor of research into interventional radiology treatments, devices and techniques through mentorship, during the SIR 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston.

SIR Foundation’s Interventional Radiology Clinical Trials Network (IR CTN) will provide research teams with support at all stages of clinical trial development. This will include help with trial design, trial conduct, patient enrollment, site recruitment, and support for grant applications.

“Through the IR Clinical Trials Network, SIR Foundation will establish a robust community of experienced researchers to mentor emerging IR investigators, empowering broader participation in research trials across the range of IR practices,” said Katharine L. Krol, chair of SIR Foundation Board of Directors. “By supporting IRs in the development of collaborative studies that improve patient outcomes, the IR CTN will ensure greater access to minimally invasive, image-guided therapies for patients around the world.”

“The IR CTN is a win-win for mentors and mentees, providing investigators with access to a network of sites capable of participating in a trial, a forum for discussion of trial concept and design, educational resources, and support for grant applications,” said Sanjay Misra, MD, FSIR, Clinical Trials Network Taskforce Chair. “The CTN also benefits those sponsoring IR research by providing access to clinically engaged IRs ready to participate in trial concepts, and expert insight into research needs within the IR community.”

Academic and private practice sites interested in participating in the IR Clinical Trials Network can take a this brief survey to engage. Industry or corporate representatives interested in participating in the IR CTN can take this brief survey.

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