The Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for Residency Essenials and designed for residents in their PGY 2-4 years but can be purchased for a resident in any training year.



Why should residents participate in The Fundamentals

We believe to create well-rounded, competetive, innovative and highly-trained IR residents, training should begin early on their career. These self-paced modules:

  • provide a strong foundation for success.
  • include interactive training for fun learning.
  • prepare residents for their final 2 years of IR training.
  • are a pre-requisite for the Residency Essentials modules.
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What do The Fundamentals cover

The Fundamentals modules will include the following topics and be released all at once for residents to complete during the years leading up to their final 2 years of IR training.

  • Clinical medicine
  • Intensive care medicine
  • Image-guided interventions
  • Imaging and anatomy
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Who purchases The Fundamentals and when?

The Fundamentals is designed for IR and DR residents in their PGY 2-4. Purchases are made on an individual basis based on SIR membership or programs can purchase for their residents (see below).

Where do resident access The Fundamentals?

Residents will access the modules for three (3) years within their personal SIR learning center account and can self-pace through the training.

Ready to purchase?

The Fundamentals is sold per person:

  • $199/SIR Member
  • $299/Non-SIR Member



Program purchasing available: please contact Charlotte Rendon if want to purchase for your residents.

Questions? Please email Charlotte Rendon, Residency Essentials Manager.