SIR governance

SIR governance

SIR and SIR Foundation nominations process

SIR Nominating Committee

The nominating committee shall consist of the SIR president, president-elect, secretary and as designated by the Operations Committee, one councilor-at-large, one member-at-large and one additional member. The SIR Foundation Nominating Committee chair shall also serve as a member of the SIR Nominating Committee. The SIR President shall serve as chair of this committee and shall convene the committee prior to the annual members' business meeting based on a schedule established by the SIR Executive Council.


2020–2021 SIR Nominating Committee

Michael Dake, MD, FSIR– Chair
Matthew Johnson, MD, FSIR
Kathy Krol, MD, FSIR
Parag Patel, MD, FSIR
Kevin Dickey, MD, FSIR
Sue Hanks, MD, FSIR
Alan Matsumoto, MD, FSIR
Erica Holland – SIR Interim Executive Director
Caitlin Couture, CAE – Staff Liaison

SIR nominations process

The duty of the SIR Nominating Committee is to seek out and select the best candidates for the open positions on the SIR Executive Council and to work with interested individuals to develop their future leadership opportunities and skills. Each year the nominating committee carefully evaluates the nominations in the context of the current and future leadership needs of the society. SIR's needs change from year to year, and there are many qualified candidates who apply. For this reason, individuals may be nominated several times before they are selected as a candidate.

The annual nominations process is as follows.

  1. The SIR President convenes the nominating committee following the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting.
  2. Per the bylaws, not less than 180 days before the annual members' business meeting, the nominating committee shall request, in writing, nominations from members entitled to vote for the position of secretary and for each division councilor and at-large position open to election.
  3. SIR members are notified of the open positions and are encouraged to self-nominate, if eligible, or recommend qualified members for consideration.
  4. Executive council members whose positions are coming open and who are eligible for a second term are notified of their eligibility and requested to fill out the nominations form if they are interested in being considered by the nominating committee for a second term.
  5. Interested applicants are required to fill out the nominations application, provide a CV and complete a conflict of interest form as well as a consent to serve.
  6. The nominating committee meets by conference call, as needed, and holds a face-to face meeting in November to finalize the slate of candidates.
  7. The nominating committee also works with the annual meeting committee to determine the best qualified member to be considered for the annual meeting committee workshop chair position. Once a list has been approved by the annual meeting committee and nominating committee, those names are given to the operations committee for final approval.
  8. The chair of the nominating committee reports the names of the nominating committee's recommended slate of candidates to the executive council and announces it to the membership.
  9. Per the bylaws, voting members have 60 days to review this slate and to decide whether to reserve approval of the candidates and to petition for the nomination and placement of alternative candidates on a mail ballot. Any member nominated by a petition signed by three (3) percent or more of voting members shall be placed on the ballot, provided that, in the judgment of the nominating committee, such candidate is qualified to perform the responsibilities of the position to which he or she has been nominated. The ballot shall be limited to those positions for which the nominating committee received a petition meeting these criteria and shall identify those candidates nominated by the nominating committee and those nominated by the membership. Nominees proposed by the nominating committee are deemed elected to their position if no petition properly nominating an alternative candidate is received during the 60 days.
  10. The chair of the nominating committee reports the names of the incoming executive council at the annual members' business meeting.

For more information, please contact Caitlin Couture, SIR's director of governance and engagement.

SIR or SIR Foundation volunteer opportunities

SIR and SIR Foundation encourage members to apply to join one of the volunteer groups that fit your area of expertise or interest. Whether focused on clinical practice, education or advocacy, these groups offer you opportunities to influence the practice and study of medicine, network with colleagues in your field of expertise and participate in leadership activities of the society and SIR Foundation. 

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SIR Foundation nominations process

2020-2021 SIR Foundation Nominating Committee

Jeremy Durack, MD, FSIR– Chair
Kathy Krol, MD, FSIR
Theresa Caridi, MD, FSIR
Carolyn Strain, MA, MS – Executive Director, SIR Foundation (non-voting)
Caitlin Couture, CAE – Staff Liaison

The SIR Foundation Nominating Committee will search for and submit names of interested candidates for board positions to be filled. In the absence of the SIR Foundation Board of Directors dictating a different process, the nominations process shall be as follows.

  1. The nominating committee shall solicit nominations for the open board positions from the SIR Foundation board members and from the SIR Executive Council. Each person making a nomination may nominate no more than one person for each open board position. No person may nominate himself or herself, but any person may indicate to the nominating committee his or her willingness to serve in a particular position if nominated.
  2. Upon reviewing the nominations it has received and adding any other nominations of its own, the nominating committee will, by majority vote of a quorum, select and submit a slate of nominees (consisting of one nominee for each open position) to the SIR Foundation Board of Directors. The nominating committee shall also forward to the board a list of all other nominees the nominating committee received but did not put on its slate.
  3. The SIR Foundation Board of Directors shall review the nominees proposed by the nominating committee and shall, by majority vote of a quorum, elect a final slate of candidates using some or all of the nominating committee’s proposed slate and if desired, adding one or more of the other nominees who were not selected by the nominating committee.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Strain, SIR Foundation Executive Director.


The form below can be used to nominate candidates for a position on the SIR Foundation Board of Directors. Candidates will then be contacted to formally submit an application during the application cycle and reviewed by the nominating committee.







SIR Foundation Nomination

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