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Interventional radiologists can work with you to provide targeted treatment options for your patient’s disease or condition—particularly in difficult or challenging situations where a collaborative approach may provide the best outcome.

Whether for diagnosis or treatment, ask an IR how they can help.

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Your Partner in Clinical Care

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Interventional radiology can work with you to address an array of medical problems, including cancer, vascular diseases, and men’s and women’s health conditions. An interventional radiologist can also help you with diagnosis and with delivering cutting-edge treatments—particularly in difficult or challenging situations where a collaborative approach may provide the best outcome for your patient.

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Learn more about how collaborating with an IR gives you and your patients access to a range of minimally invasive treatments.

Collaboration stories

Interventional radiology plays an important role in women's health. Learn how IR can be your partner in women’s health care, in IR Quarterly.

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Advancing knowledge through research

SIR Foundation supports diverse research initiatives in IR and mutlidisciplinary collaboration through Research Concensus Panels. 

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Clinical practice guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) provide educational resources to practicing clinicians to promote high quality outcomes and patient safety in vascular and interventional radiology.

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