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Ziv Haskal JVIR Editor's Fellowship

Announcing the 2018 JVIR Editorial Fellows

The Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (JVIR) is pleased to announce the fellows selected for the 2018 Ziv Haskal JVIR Editor's Fellowship:

  • Michael Acord, MD
  • George Koshy Chiramel, MD
  • Islam Elhelf, MD
  • Aaron Maxwell, MD

In the week-long fellowship, which will take place in November 2018, the participants will shadow JVIR Editor-in-chief Ziv J Haskal, MD, FSIR, to learn about the editor’s role and explore core components of medical publishing. Daily video conferencing with SIR staff leadership and journal publisher Elsevier will enhance the fellowship with inside knowledge about new technologies in publishing, upcoming journal initiatives and more. Fellows will conclude the experience with participation in the journal program of their choice.

“As with last year's program, the pool of applicants was outstanding,” says Dr. Haskal, “I found the applications of those in training particularly strong. It is clear that the specialty's future grows ever brighter, and I'm pleased to support the development of tomorrow's IR leaders with this program.”

This year, several applications came once more from overseas: one each from Portugal, India and Saudi Arabia. The fellows’ experiences will be described in a future issue of IR Quarterly