Annual Report

2018 SIR and SIR Foundation Financial Report


Society of Interventional Radiology

SIR leveraged a boost in revenues to support our mission-driven educational and quality agendas.

A 4% increase in total revenues allowed for a $120,000 reinvestment to enhance online education and professional development experiences, including the framework for the new IR Residency Curriculum. SIR saw a 29% increase in investments for standards and registry development programs. SIR was able to increase investments in educationa products and services, including an investment in two new in-person meetings (Stroke Boot Camp and LEARN) in 2019. 

SIR 2018 revenue allocation pie chart



SIR Statement of Activities

 image of SIR 2018 Statement of Activities

 2018 SIR Programs and services pie chart


SIR Foundation

The foundation reinvested 13 percent from its healthy reserve position to support the expansion of research grants and award initiatives. 

2018 SIR Foundation financial growth graph

2018 SIR Foundation statement spreadsheet

 2018 SIR Foundation Expense Allocations pie chart