Annual Report

2018–19 SIR and SIR Foundation Governance


SIR Executive Council

The SIR Executive Council (EC) is the chief governing and policy-making body of SIR. The Executive Council is empowered to carry out the business of the society and is responsible for fiduciary oversight. It is responsible for overseeing and transacting the business necessary to achieve SIR's goals and to fulfill its mission. Council terms begin at the Annual Members Business Meeting. The council meets in person three times per year.

The officers of the society shall be the president, president-elect, secretary, and treasurer. The president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer and SIR Foundation chair will form the Operations Committee of the Executive Council. Between meetings of the EC, the Operations Committee has all the powers and responsibilities of the EC. The Operations Committee may conduct any business matter that requires attention between the EC meetings.


2018–2019 Executive Council roster

M. Victoria Marx, MD, FSIR


Laura Findeiss, MD, FSIR


Michael D. Dake, MD, FSIR


Matthew Johnson, MD, FSIR


Suresh Vedantham, MD, FSIR

Immediate Past President

Jeremy C. Durack, MD, MS, FSIR

SIR Foundation Chair

Daniel Sze, MD, PhD, FSIR

Annual Scientific Meeting Councilor

Raymond W. Liu, MD, FSIR

Health Policy & Economics Division Councilor

Kelvin Hong, MD, FSIR

Post-graduate Medical Education Division Councilor

Parag Patel, MD, FSIR

Graduate Medical Education Councilor

Sanjeeva Kalva, MD, FSIR

Member Services Division Councilor

Alda Tam, MD, FSIR

Standards Division Councilor

Brian F. Stainken, MD, FSIR

International Division Councilor

Kevin Dickey, MD, FSIR


Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR


Akhilesh K. Sista, MD, FSIR


Meridith J. Englander, MD, FSIR

AMA Delegate, ex-officio

Ziv Haskal, MD, FSIR

JVIR  Editor

Raj Pyne, MD

Ad-hoc Councilor, Private Practice

Susan E. Sedory, MA, CAE

Executive Director, ex-officio


SIR Foundation Board of Directors

The SIR Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors charged with advancing the Foundation's mission and goals through the acquisition and judicious deployment of funds. The Foundation's Board oversees activities that consist of developing research strategy in interventional radiology; reviewing grant applications to the Foundation's grant programs; developing new research programs that foster the development of, or validate, innovative interventional radiology therapies; increasing the number of interventional radiologists participating in basic and clinical research; developing educational programming focused on strategic areas needing research; fostering the development of interventional radiology researchers; fundraising; finance including investment, budget, reporting, and audit; communications to internal (interventional radiology) and external (other disciplines, industry) constituencies; and government relations.

The SIR Foundation Board of Directors works closely with the SIR Executive Council to oversee and direct the execution of the jointly crafted SIR and SIR Foundation Strategic Plan, which serves to further the mission of both organizations.


2017-2018 Board of Directors roster

Jeremy C. Durack, MD, MS, FSIR


Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR


Filip Banovac, MD, FSIR

Immediate Past Chair

Matthew S. Johnson, MD, FSIR

SIR and SIR Foundation Treasurer

Jeremy D. Collins, MD

Quality and Outcomes Division Chair

Theresa M. Caridi, MD, FSIR

Development Division Chair

Erik N.K. Cressman, MD, PhD, FSIR

Research Grants and Education Division Chair

Sarah B. White, MD, MS, FSIR

Clinical Research and Registries Division Chair

M. Victoria Marx, MD, FSIR

SIR President

Laura Findeiss, MD, FSIR

SIR President-elect

Raymond W. Liu, MD, FSIR

SIR Health Policy and Economics Division Councilor

Kelvin Hong, MD, FSIR

SIR Post-graduate Medical Education Division Councilor

Ziv J Haskal, MD, FSIR

JVIR Editor-in-chief

Susan E. Sedory, MA, CAE

SIR Executive Director

Carolyn Strain, MA, MS

SIR Foundation Executive Director