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Quality Improvement Toolkits

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The Quality and Performance Improvement Committee (PICC) members have developed the toolkits below to guide IRs in initiating quality improvement projects

Quality improvement project: Renal Ablation Lesion Selection and Minimizing Adverse Events

Learn how to establish a successful renal ablation program with good procedural and oncologic outcomes.



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Quality improvement project: Follow up After Locoregional Liver Treatments in Patients with Cancer

Learn how to facilitate timely follow up and ensure appropriate laboratory and imaging following locoregional therapy.

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Quality improvement project: Achieving Appropriate Periprocedural Pain Management in IR

Learn how to help minimize patient discomfort and distress and improve procedural success by managing pain levels.

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About the PICC workgroups


The Society of Interventional Radiology Practice Improvement and Change Committee (PICC) of the Quality and Performance Improvement Division is charged with providing performance improvement tools for clinical and procedural management of patients seen by SIR members. The committee oversees the development of quality improvement resources including stewardship of online and conference resources, distribution of best practices for benchmark improvement, and quality toolkit management. The committee works with other committees within the Quality and Performance Improvement Division, the Society of Interventional Radiology, and SIR Foundation to coordinate resources involving quality healthcare delivery.




Drew Caplin, MD (Chair)

Christopher Friend, MD

Harlan Vingan, MD

Jason C. Hoffmann, MD

Jordan C. Tasse, MD

Rakesh Varma, MD

Robert Griffith, MD

Shamar Young, MD

Sidhartha Tavri, MD

Stephen Sozio, MD

Zeyad Metwalli, MD

Mina S. Makary, MD

Aaron Brandis, MD

Jonathan Weinstein, MD

Josh Dowell, MD