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Practice essentials


Improve patient experiences ... meet challenges.

This series of toolkits was designed to help SIR members advance the practice of interventional radiology. 

Navigating practice management, quality requirements, safety guidelines and reimbursement just became a lot easier. Knowledge of new guidelines, government regulations, safety requirements, and quality requirements is paramount to success for today's physician in the global healthcare environment. 

By using this series of toolkits, you ensure that you are meeting myriad requirements, learning best practices and delivering the best possible outcomes for patients. 

Need information on how to reach out to a government official or work with SIR to advance a pro-IR bill in Congress? The Advocacy Toolkit has you covered. 

Wondering how best to code a new procedure to ensure that not only do you get paid correctly, but the patient's insurance agrees? Look first to the Coding and Reimbursement Toolkit. 

How can you measure procedural data? Ensure that you are up to date on the latest safety news in IR? Fill out a standardized report? The Quality and Safety Toolkit is the resource for all of those issues. 

Toolkit essentials

Toolkits are a defined set of resources that help interventional radiologists advance their practice with evidence-based research, all in one place. Within each toolkit, members will find a set of curated resources that address the different needs of discrete audiences.


The Advocacy Toolkit provides fact sheets, government contacts, legislative backgrounders and other resource materials useful in understanding and gaining more in-depth knowledge about particular concepts and issues that drive the society’s advocacy program.


The Coding and Reimbursement Toolkit gives members a pool of highly individual materials to draw from to ensure that they are paid appropriately for delivering specialized care.


The Evaluation and Management Toolkit provides you with tools you need to succeed in your E&M practice. 


The Quality and Safety Toolkit is comprised of guidelines, checklists, comparative data and reporting tools to help members deliver the utmost in safe, quality patient care. 

Why toolkits? 

SIR has curated these professional resources to promote and advance the practice of interventional radiology and to assist members in strengthening practice or organizational performance. Toolkits manifest the society’s brand pillars—agility, confidence, collaboration, innovation, patient-driven—in many ways. 


The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act means Medicare will change from a volume-based system to a value-based system. 

Advocacy and outreach

SIR advocates on behalf of its members and interventional radiology before Congress, insurance carriers and other key decision-makers. The society also reaches around the world and out to partners across corporate, public and private sectors to ensure the story of interventional radiology is spread through a range of communication channels.

New resources

Coding decoded

SIR’s Health Policy and Economics team provides information on the varied activities the society engages in to ensure proper coding of interventional radiology services. SIR is committed to assisting you, your institution and your staff in submitting accurate claims for reimbursement of services provided.

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Quality and safety updates

One of SIR’s primary goals is ensuring high-quality outcomes and patient safety. New updates are available now. (link to appropriate news – could be an updated guideline, IRQ article, etc.) 

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Your practice resource hub

In today's medical climate, it is imperative that interventional radiologists have the tools to compete and ensure the survival of their practice. SIR provides materials that will serve as useful tools for building your practice and succeeding in a competitive environment.

Practice-building tools