Private practice management

Private practice overview

Private practice is an important part of the health care delivery and a desirable option for physicians seeking the freedom and independence to practice in a personalized medical care for their patients. Staying competitive in the evolving health care marketplace requires an active role in building, managing, marketing, and diversifying your practice. Find helpful material in this section to implement successful strategies for enhancing a private practice.

The SIR Business Institute presents a “masterclass” in various business-related fields for all IRs.  The one-day entrepreneurial symposia is designed to assist IRs at any stage in their career who are looking to enhance their approach to the business of IR.  For members interested in owning private practices or operating an OBL, the SIR Business Institute offers as unique approach to business development.

SIR Business Institute pilot standalone meeting was presented in June 2022.  Based on the success and demand of this course Private Practice Advisory Council (PPAC) would like to present this one-day entrepreneurial business symposia at the 2023 SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. 

SIR Business Institute will provide guidance from business and leadership experts and offer participants in-depth sessions, Q&A and CME credits.

SIR Business Institute recorded sessions are available on SIR Now.

According to the SIR Business Institute 2022 attendee survey result:

  • 100% of attendees thought SIR Business Institute was useful
  • 73% plan to make changes in their professional practice from the new strategies acquired by participating in this course
  • 95% of attendees were either satisfied or very satisfied.

View SIR Business Institute 2022 annual scientific meeting, Boston, satisfaction survey here.


Building and sustaining a thriving private practice

Uncover the secrets to success in physician private practice

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AMA private practice playbook


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SIR and the private practice initiative

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Private practice benefits for participating in VIRTEX registry

The registry will be a powerful asset for private practice sites to advance their effectiveness and efficiencies in a wide range of ways. These include the capability to 1) better define quality standards, 2) enhance service quality, 3) improve practice performance, and 4) achieve better patient outcomes. In addition, the registry will facilitate the sharing of best practices and innovative ideas that can help support research and product development. 

  • Data on best practices to drive quality improvement efforts
  • Large datasets for research and publication purposes to advance the specialty
  • Data to help with conversations with policymakers on defining quality in IR


Additional resources

Reimbursement claims and appeals

Is your practice using the right specialty code to properly capture your work as an interventional radiologist? Access coding and reimbursement resources designed to help physicians navigate challenges and opportunities in this new era of health care.

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IR Business Center




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Guidelines and statements

The Guidelines and Statements Division of the SIR provides a framework of evidence-based clinical practice documents to ensure patient safety and enhance the delivery of patient care.

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