Health policy, economics and coding

Health policy, economics and coding

CPT-RUC process

SIR and its members are dedicated to improving public health through pioneering advances in minimally invasive, image-guided therapies.

CPT® Editorial Panel

The CPT® Editorial Panel ensures that CPT® codes reflect the latest medical care available to patients. Learn more about these codes on the AMA's CPT Editorial Panel Process and Resources webpage.

Next CPT® Editorial Panel meeting: Feb 3-5, 2022 


AMA CPT® Editorial Panel virtual meeting Sept 30-Oct 2, 2021

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) presented a code change proposal requesting CPT® Category I codes for Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula Creation. SIR CPT Advisor Ammar Sarwar, MD, FSIR, led the proposed code change. Advisors from multiple specialty societies also led the application. This included; Mark Alson, MD, Timothy Crummy, MD, Sean Roddy, MD, Sunita Srivastava, MD, Chester Amedia, MD, Timothy Pflederer, MD, Eric Rubin, MD, Dana Smetherman, MD, and Andrew Degnan, MD. If approved, the new Category I codes will be effective Jan. 1, 2023.

Refer to the AMA Summary of Panel Actions for more information.

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CPT Editorial Panel- Dr. Tim Swan 












Congratulations to Dr. Timothy Swan, MD. FSIR, FACR, on his nomination and acceptance to the AMA's CPT Editorial Panel. Dr. Swan started his new 3-year term in Nov. 2020.

Dr. Swan had served many years as SIR's CPT Advisor and in 2020 won a well-deserved award, by AMA Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) Advisory Committee, for Outstanding CPT Adviser of the Year. This award is the Burgess Gordon Memorial Award ("father" of CPT) for outstanding service by advisory committee members. It is an honor to be the CPT adviser who demonstrates an understanding of the full range of CPT issues, provides technical support to users of CPT, and serves as an advocate for the CPT process. Once again, congratulations to Dr. Swan as the 2020 recipient of this award.

RVS Update Committee (RUC) 

The RUC is a unique multispecialty committee developing relative value units (RVUs) and represents the entire medical profession, with 22 of its 32 members appointed by major national medical specialty societies. Learn more about these codes on the AMA RVS Update Committee (RUC) Process and Resources webpage.

Upcoming meetings: RUC on Jan 12-15, 2022


AMA Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC) Oct 6-9, 2021

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) presented one code family to the American Medical Association/Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC) for valuation virtually at the update committee’s October meeting.

Curtis Anderson MD, SIR RUC Advisor, presented practice expense recommendations for fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidance. In addition, Kurt Schoppe, MD, ACR RUC Advisor, Lauren Golding, MD, ACR alternate RUC advisor, and Andrew Moriarity, MD, presented physician work recommendations.

Discussions at the RUC meeting are confidential. However, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will address these value recommendations in the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Preparations for the January 2022 RUC meeting will begin within the next month. Please direct your questions to Ashley Maleki at

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For more information on health policy, coding and reimbursement, please contact the health policy and economics team.

RUC Chair Announcement - Dr. Ezequiel Silva, III

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) congratulates Ezequiel Silva III, MD, FSIR, on his nomination and acceptance as chair for the AMA/Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (RUC). The Apr. 21-24 RUC meeting is Dr. Silva’s first attendance as chair of the panel. Dr. Silva is a practicing diagnostic and interventional radiologist based in San Antonio and has been a valued member of SIR for the last 20 years. He completed his medical degree in 1996 and his internship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in 1997. Dr. Silva completed his residency in 2001 and his fellowship in 2002. He practices at Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Northeast Methodist.

Dr. Silva will lead the 32-member RUC and 300 medical advisers and other health care professionals in its work to assess the impact of advancements in science and technology on patient care and its efforts to convene expert physician insight and input that informs Medicare payment policy. His 2-year term as RUC chair began on March 1, 2021.

The RUC represents the entire medical profession, with 22 of its 32 members appointed by major national medical specialty societies. For more details about the SIR RUC process see below.

Once again, congratulations to Dr. Silva.

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Ask coding questions

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Understanding global periods

Understanding global periods

Medicare established a national definition of a global surgical package to ensure that Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) make payments for the same services consistently across all jurisdictions. SIR has prepared references to assist physicians and administrators with common global periods for codes frequently reported by interventional radiologists. 

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