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Interventional radiologists are board-certified physicians who deliver minimally invasive treatments with less risk, less pain and less recovery time than traditional surgery to treat a vast array of diseases and conditions across the body. Interventional radiology offers safe, nonsurgical options to treat conditions that affect men’s quality of life including enlarged prostate and varicoceles. 

Because interventional radiology treatments do not require large incisions, they can often be safer and, at times, more effective than open surgery. In addition, most men will be treated and discharged within the same day, getting back to their life as quickly as possible. 

How do interventional radiologists treat men’s health issues?

Interventional radiologists may treat an enlarged prostate, and alleviate its worrisome symptoms, by blocking blood flow to the prostate (causing it to shrink), using a technique called embolization. They also use the same technique to reduce the swelling and pain associated with enlarged veins in the scrotum called varicoceles.  

Men's health conditions IRs treat

IRs treat common conditions experienced by men. Follow the links below to discover the IR treatments available for your condition. 

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If you are struggling with the symptoms related to an enlarged prostate and don't want to undergo surgery, an interventional radiologist may be able to help you. Dr. Theresa Caridi, of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, explains how minimally invasive prostate artery embolization (PAE) can provide relief to men without the side-effects or long recovery usually associated with surgery.

Get back to living your best life.

Get back to living your best life.

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An interventional radiologist—or IR—can help you. IRs are board-certified physicians who use imaging guidance to deliver minimally invasive, targeted treatments with a quicker recovery. IRs help treat many of today’s toughest medical problems, including men's health conditions.

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SIR Executive Director Sue Sedory and Dr. Theresa Caridi, an interventional radiologist with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, discuss how interventional radiology treats conditions across the body with less risk and a shorter recovery time than open surgery.

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Through a tiny nick in your skin, IRs use catheters to treat many conditions that once required major open surgery or are difficult to treat, such as cancers, uterine fibroids, varicose veins, and enlarged prostate.

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