The fibroid fix

The uterine fibroid checklist

Is UFE right for you? Figure out your fibroid fix.

Use this checklist during your next appointment with your OB-GYN or primary care physician to start a discussion about UFE and its potential to help treat your uterine fibroids.

Download a copy of the UFE checklist.

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A woman diagnosed with uterine fibroids has many options for treatment; but unfortunately, many women are not aware of them. The lack of awareness of uterine fibroids, despite the high prevalence of the disorder, and the fact that a majority of women have never even heard of UFE, are alarming. Every woman’s symptoms are different, as are the factors in her life that will be impacted. Ensuring that women have the complete information they need to make the right decision about treatment is vital to providing the best care possible. That includes educating women about treatments beyond hysterectomy or other surgical options. Women deserve to know about UFE and it is the job of clinicians to help inform them.