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An interventional radiologist can work with your doctor or specialist to treat many of today’s toughest medical problems, including cancer, vascular diseases, and men’s and women’s health conditions. Learn how IR can help you live your best life

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An interventional radiologist—or IR—can help you. IRs are board-certified physicians who use imaging guidance to deliver minimally invasive, targeted treatments with a quicker recovery. IRs help treat many of today’s toughest medical problems, including cancers, vascular diseases, and men’s and women’s health conditions.

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If you need prior authorization to receive treatment or need to appeal a denial of coverage, SIR has carrier advocacy letters and other resources to help you make your case to your insurance provider. 

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Read more about how involving an IR in your treatment plan gives you access to a range of minimally invasive treatments.

Team players

Interventional radiologists play a vital role on teams caring for patients with liver disease. Find out how in IR Quarterly.

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Pain killers

IR can offer opioid-free relief from pain for patients suffering from a variety of condtions. Read more about treatments for pain in IR Quarterly.

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Life savers

Interventional radiologists play a criticial role on trauma teams nationwide, helping to control or stop internal bleeding in emergency situations. Learn about the role IR plays on the trauma team in IR Quarterly.

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Disclaimer: SIR is providing this information as a public service. SIR assumes no liability, legal, financial or otherwise for the accuracy of this information or the manner in which it is used. SIR does not offer medical advice. This information is being provided for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. It is best to seek advice and attention from your physician or qualified health care professional.