NP and PA Section

NP and PA Section

NP and PA Committees

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NP and PA Governing Council
The Governing Council of the section shall serve as the executive body of the NP/PA Section and its officers shall define and oversee the projects and initiatives as subject to the mission statement of the NP/PA Section. The governing council of the section shall be composed of not less than three officers of the section. This shall include the chair, chair‐elect, and secretary.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee is charged with developing dedicated programming for the NP and PA attendees of the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. The committee will adhere to guidelines and scheduling as approved by the SIR Annual Scientific Committee.

Additional information, projects/tasks:

  • Includes the identification and initial outreach to all faculty
  • Work with SIR staff to design an educational hands-on workshop for NPs and PAs in IR

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee is charged with identifying and developing educational resources for NP and PA members.

Additional information, projects/tasks:

  • Can work to review and re-purpose existing SIR educational content for NPs and PAs
  • Can promote or suggest SIR educational products to NPs and PAs
  • Communicate with members about CME credit conversion
  • Hold webinars to educate NPs and PAs


The NP/PA Membership Committee will be responsible for encouraging NPs and PAs in IR to join SIR and to volunteer within the NP/PA Section.  This committee will work to inform NPs and PAs of SIR benefits and resources.  They will work with other committees within the section to develop new benefits or resources.  They will use the NP/PA Section's SIR Connect community to encourage networking and discussion.  Committee members will also work with other national NP and PA organizations (ie AAPA and AANP) to represent and advocate for IR. 

Additional projects/tasks:

  • membership recruitment
  • identify members to represent the SIR NP/PA Section within national organizations

Clinical Practice Committee

The Clinical Practice Committee is charged addressing issues related to clinical practice in IR. The committee will develop tools and resources to increase expertise in patient and procedural care.

Additional information, projects/tasks:

  • Projects can address: Performance and quality improvement, best practice measures
  • Collaborate with the SIR Standards Division and other relevant committees to develop practice guidelines