Mentor Match

Mentor Match

Annual Meeting Conference Companion


During SIR 2018, the society will provide new members the opportunity to connect with an experienced IR. This program aims to cultivate an educational, rich and inspiring experience for both new and experienced IR members. Through the SIR Mentor Match platform on SIR Connect, new members can establish a Conference Companion. Once the match has been established, you can connect with your Conference Companion and schedule a time to meet at the SIR annual meeting. During the meeting, feel free to ask your companion questions related to their journey to becoming an IR, success tips, career advice, medical specific questions, etc.



“My mentor Dr. Peter Bream was a great person to have as a reference during the SIR annual conference... I felt he understood where I was coming from and was an inspiring model for my future career.” 

 Elias Gunnell, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill

“The platform for connecting to mentees is very easy to use and unobtrusive. I was able to connect with two medical students and spend time with them at SIR. We were able to connect over lunch and in the expo. The connection we made allowed them to have a much better grasp of the meeting."

Peter R. Bream Jr, MD, FSIR, Vanderbilt University, Nashville

“I had an incredible experience meeting two medical students at the annual SIR meeting this year in Washington, D.C. I was able to connect with both of them through the program, and they both needed advice on our new IR/DR residency program.  This proved to be invaluable, in my opinion.”

 Jon C Davidson, MD, University Hospitals of Cleveland


                                                                                                Dr. Maureen Kohi and mentee John Weaver meet during SIR 2017 in Washington D.C.


                                                               Dr. Maureen Kohi (Mentor) and John Weaver (Mentee) meet during the SIR 2017 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

                                         "The mentorship program allowed me to meet the next generation of IR. The individuals who will continue to shape and grow our field                                                                                                              beyond its current boundaries. This is the most remarkable part of my academic career!"

                                                                                      Maureen Pearl Kohi, MD, FSIR, University of California San Francisco



Become a SIR Conference Companion

To sign up:

Search for Conference Companion participants

  • Go to and click on Find a Mentor/Mentee.
  • Next select the “Find a Mentor” tab.
  • Select all preferences that apply to your search. Remember to select “Conference Companion at the SIR Annual Meeting” located under Mentoring Opportunity.
  • Click the green button located on the bottom of the page to populate your search.

View profiles and request a Conference Companion:

  • Click on the participant’s name, then select “Mentor Profile,” which is located under the Profile tab.
  • To send a Conference Companion request, click the blue button located under the participant’s profile picture.

This optional program has proven to be very beneficial for both mentors and mentees.  If you have any questions, please contact SIR volunteer engagement staff at