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Membership categories

Active: Physicians with special interest and competency in interventional radiology and certified by ABR or other boards of equivalent rank. *Physicians who qualify for Active membership and provide proof of active military duty or proof of employment by one of 10 public health service agencies and programs can apply for our discounted Military/Public Health category.

Corresponding: Interventional radiologists who practice outside of the United States

Associate: Physicians who practice in specialties other than IR and whose special qualifications are deemed valuable to the society, but who do not qualify as an active member or other member category

Fellow-in-training: Individuals who are currently in formal radiologic training as a fellow-in-training in vascular and interventional radiology

Resident-in-training: Individuals who are currently in their formal radiologic training as a resident in a radiology residency training program

Medical Student: Students currently enrolled in medical school who have a special interest in interventional radiology

Scientist: Non-physician scientists, including individuals whose primary interest is in basic or clinical research pertaining to interventional radiology

Scientist-in-training: For graduate students and post-doctoral students who have an interest in interventional radiology research

Clinical Associate: Non-physician medical professionals with special interest and competency in interventional radiology, including but not limited to physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiologic technologists and paramedical professionals

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