Annual Report

Annual Report

SIR + SIR Foundation 2019 annual report: On the Rise

Our members are the engine and vitality behind SIR and SIR Foundation.

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There is perhaps no better way to characterize 2019 than as a year “On the Rise” that elevated the visibility, expertise and advancement of IR globally, as never before.

Working in tandem, SIR and SIR Foundation have achieved:

  • A growing membership that has translated into greater influence, a stronger voice and a more vital and engaged society.
  • Active sections and committees that have led to greater knowledge-sharing and increased peer support.
  • A unified voice that has supported a wide variety of member, legislative and public awareness interests.
  • Critical training, education and research initiatives that have positioned IR as one of the most competitive primary specialties in medicine.


As we rise together, we can see more clearly our ever-changing landscape and the promise of the road ahead. I am proud and humbled to stand with the society and foundation at such a compelling point in IR’s history—none of which would be possible without our generous supporters, engaged members, visionary leaders and dedicated staff.

Susan E. Sedory, MA, CAE
Executive Director,
Society of Interventional Radiology
CEO, SIR Foundation