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What type of information is in the directory?

The IR Training Directory addresses the most commonly asked questions about interventional radiology residency and fellowship programs, providing medical students and residents with an easy-to-use resource for identifying the training programs that best meet their preferences. All information was self-reported by training institutions.

Trainees can download Excel reports containing detailed program information. Reports can be filtered based search criteria:

  • Region of the country – allows you to search for programs in a particular region
  • Number of fellows – allows you to search for programs of a particular size
  • Type of IR program offered – allows you to search for a certain type of IR program (future and current accreditation/approval) 
  • Integrated IR residency accreditation status – allows you to search for integrated IR residency programs based on their accreditation status
  • ESIR designation status – allows you to search for ESIR programs based on their approval status 
  • Peer cluster – allows you to select the specific programs you want to compare in your results or report.   
<p>An easy-to-use resource to identify IR residency and fellowship programs.</p>

An easy-to-use resource to identify IR residency and fellowship programs.

Important directory information


Procedural percentages 

Some programs have reported their procedural percentages, which provide an idea of the training composition of the program in the previous year. Fellows or residents in those programs may or may not have actually performed all of the reported types of procedures. IR resident and fellowship training is tailored to get the most enriching experience, and specific training procedural areas for fellows or residents in a particular program can be determined by talking to the program coordinator or program director.    

Other program characteristics

It is important to remember that there are many different program characteristics that should be considered when evaluating an IR program, many of which are not included in this directory’s data. Talking to the program coordinator or program director from a specific IR training program is a great way to more fully evaluate that program.

Accessing the Directory

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