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October 17-19
Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel, Denver


Program by Topic

Y-90  Peripheral vascular disease

Sessions on Y-90 and peripheral vascular disease will be held Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th. See schedule-at-a-glance for times.

** All sessions and special events are held at the Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel on the 38th floor.   


Session topics include:

How to do a Y90

  • Hepatic Angiography – The ones you wish you didn’t do
  • First do no harm: Parenchymal sparing techniques 
  • Cone beam CT how to up your game 
  • Debate: Let’s get technical: Radial vs femoral, and large vs small microcatheters: how to choose? 
  • Debate: Personalized Dosimetry is the wave of the future, or not… 

Hepatocellular carcinoma 

  • Early HCC: Ablation vs Rad seg
  • Intermediate HCC: Does Emerald 1 change how we practice?
  • Advanced HCC: Is Y90 dead for PVT?

Secondary Hepatic Malignancies

  • Cholangiocarcinoma: Is it all about getting pts to resection?
  • mCRC:  Is this the end of the line for Y90? 
  • mNET: PRRT versus TARE vs TAE– which and when
  • RAD SEG for oligometastatic disease – path forward
  • Debate: Downstaging to resection/OLT: Y90 vs PVE
  • Debate: Uveal melanoma: Y90 vs Hepzato

Peripheral Vascular Disease

This program is designed for the practicing interventional radiologist seeking to expand their peripheral vascular disease skills and enable treatment of a broader spectrum of patients, including chronic critical limb-threatening ischemia and patients who have failed prior attempts at endovascular therapy.  Attendees will also learn best practices for endovascular therapy of deep venous thrombosis and post thrombotic syndrome.

What will you learn?

  • To incorporate best practices and latest endovascular techniques into a peripheral vascular disease program including patient assessment, workup, and optimal limb salvage therapy.
  • How to avoid and manage endovascular complications in the care of peripheral vascular disease patients
  • Perform thrombectomy/thrombolysis of acute deep venous thrombosis and manage post thrombotic syndrome
  • Understand emerging and future endovascular technologies for peripheral vascular disease

Session topics include:

Peripheral Arterial Disease: A day in the IR vascular clinic

  • New AHA PAD guidelines and GDMT: how will they change what you do
  • Pre-procedure imaging: who, what, and why?
  • When is endovascular therapy of claudication appropriate?
  • Developing a successful limb salvage program and wound clinic
  • Deciphering BEST-CLI and BASIL 2 for your limb salvage team

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Limb Salvage from the Straightforward to the Extreme

  • CERAB for aortoiliac disease: the complex made simple
  • Isolated iliac occlusion: How to treat without compromising the aorta or contralateral iliac
  • CFA endovascular intervention - cases
  • Essential techniques for crossing femoropopliteal chronic total occlusions
  • Atherectomy Devices - judicial use of the most controversial device on the planet
  • Tibial chronic total occlusions - tips for successful recanalization
  • The pedal loop: when and how
  • Managing post PVI thrombosis: thrombectomy strategies
  • When and how to do deep venous arterialization

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Avoiding and Managing Complications

  • Avoiding and managing iliac perforation
  • Advances in thrombus management in acute limb ischemia
  • Preventing and managing distal emboli
  • Optimizing stent selection for femoropopliteal arteries to avoid strut fractures and occlusions
  • When IVUS helps avoid device sizing complications
  • Managing the rare but potentially devastating tibial perforation
  • The venous storm post DVA (Managing DVA complications: Venous storm, Thrombosis)

Deep Venous Dive: DVT Thrombectomy/Thrombolysis

  • DVT Thrombolysis: Lytics can be given more effectively than ever
  • DVT Thrombectomy: Single session mechanical thrombectomy without lytics is here to stay
  • Anticoagulation approaches post DVT thrombectomy/thrombolysis: what does the evidence say?

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Practice Development

  • Working with other vascular specialists: VS, IC, vascular medicine
  • Out on your own: OBL vs. ASC vs. hybrid and how to choose
  • OBLs in academic IR: a marriage doomed to fail or a flourishing future
  • Tips and pitfalls of leveraging social media for practice development

Deep Venous Dive2: Iliac/Caval Reconstruction in Post Thrombotic Syndrome

  • When to and when not to stent iliac veins in post thrombotic syndrome
  • Complex iliac/caval reconstruction: Cases
  • Preventing and managing iliac venous stent occlusions

Peripheral Arterial Disease: The Future Is Now

  • Off the beaten path - alternative arterial access sites: SFA, through-stent, tibial/pedal
  • Radial to peripheral approach - new horizon or more hurdles than you need
  • Next generation drug-eluting balloon technologies
  • Drug Eluting Stents: technology differences you need to know
  • Bioabsorbable scaffolds for below-knee disease: present and future
  • Intravascular lithotripsy: game changer or another tool in the box?
  • Detour System for chronic femoropopliteal occlusions
  • What will SFA stents look like in 10 years?



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