Supplemental ERAS Application Pilot Program

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is implementing a pilot known as the Supplemental ERAS Application that includes program preference signaling.

The Association of Program Directors in IR (APDIR) and the Association of Program Directors in Diagnostic Radiology (APDR) have collaborated under a single title of Radiology to participate in this pilot for the Interventional Radiology Integrated (IR) and Diagnostic Radiology (DR) residencies for the 2023 match.

Radiology will share a total of six signals that applicants can use to signal IR only, DR only or a combination of IR and DR residency programs.


This Supplemental ERAS Application offers applicants the opportunity to provide more detailed information about themselves to programs in which they have a strong interest. This is in addition to and separate from the standard myERAS residency application.

The Application assists programs in finding applicants who fit their programs' setting and mission, or who would otherwise be overlooked.

The 2023 timeline below includes some important dates and webinars:

2023 Supplemental ERAS Timeline: