Corporate Impact Report

Recognizing the successes made possible by the collaborative work of SIR and visionary CAP Partner companies

The Corporate Impact Report recognizes the power of corporate investments to advance critical initiatives that strengthen the field of IR.

          Corporate Impact Report

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There is unlimited range to what SIR and SIR Foundation can do with the help of deeply engaged partners.

The Corporate Impact Report highlights strategic initiatives where industry support has added constructive value to our members, our sector and our cause. In the Impact Report, we recognize the ways forward-thinking investments in IR allow the society to achieve major milestones and foster a community marked by clinical excellence. CAP partners are industry allies who create this potential and receive early distribution.


To learn more about the Corporate Ambassador Program, contact:

Jonas Nash, SIR Director of Corporate Relations, at or (786) 512-4228, or

Terrianne Zeifman, SIR Foundation Director of Development, at or (703) 460-5591

Previous Impact Reports

To obtain a copy of previous Impact Reports, please contact Jonas Nash, SIR Director of Corporate Relations, at or (786) 512-4228.