Corporate Change Champions (C3)

Corporate Change Champions (C3)


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Interventional Radiology is synonymous with innovation. At the heart of this innovation is a deeply rooted partnership between IR care-providers and technology manufacturers. Such impactful partnerships drive career advancement, offer lifelong engagement opportunities, and shape the field of IR.
While the countless success stories born from these rich partnerships can be celebrated, much work remains to be done in reducing notable disparities.

To this end, SIR is pleased to announce the launch of the C3 (Corporate Change Champions) initiative, a multi-pronged program designed to support underrepresented SIR members seeking corporate partnership opportunities.



Objectives & Opportunities


C3 Ojectives

I. Eliminating Barriers
Shattering the glass floor those SIR members seeking to establish corporate partnerships.


II. Developing Resources
Creating and furnishing the tools and ladders that SIR members will need to secure corporate partnerships.


III. Goal-oriented Support
Providing sustained, personalized support that leads to realized opportunities and measurable success.



Corporate Partnership Roles

Note: The following roles are representative of those C3 will aim to help SIR members pursue. This list is by no means comprehensive. Submit additional opportunities of interest.


Medical Advisory Board Member
Serves among clincial experts offering insight and guidance to a company's leadership.


New Product Consultant
Contributes actively to product design and testing.


Lab Consultants 
Particpates in prototype and product testing in an in-vivo lab setting.


Speaker's Bureau 
Speaks on clinical evidence and/or clinical practice, typically in a conference setting.


Content Consultant
Aids in the creation of slide decks, marketing materials, or medical writing.


FDA and Medicare Consultant
Participates in an important regulatory and advocacy discussions.


Clinical Trial Consultants
Provides safety and protocol expertise, or serves as principal investigator.


Educational Consultant
Educates peers and company personnel on disease states, procedures, technique and patient selection.


Proctors and Preceptors
Proctors provide clinical guidance to peers. Preceptors receive this guideance. Proctors and preceptors are typically connected in-person or via remote connectivity software.


Champion Change!

Interested Companies

Interested Physicians



Jonas Levi Nash

SIR, Director of Corporate Relations


Leadership & Stakeholders


The Corporate Change Champions (C3) initiative is lead by the SIR Corporate Engagement Advisor, in collaboration with the SIR Corporate Ambassador Program (CAP) and SIR Diversity & Inclusiveness Advisory Groups.


Corporate Engagement Advisor


Dr. Nishita KotharyNishita Kothary, MD, FSIR
Professor, Interventional Radiology
Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, CA
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Corporate Representatives

Interested in a corporate partnership opportunity? Inquire with the designated C3 representatives below to learn more. 

AngioDynamics Linda Upchurch
Cook Medical John Brumleve
Gore & Associates Erica Voll
Guerbet Veronica Prieto
Inari Medical Morgan Kunkle
Merit Medical Ryan Koontz
Shockwave Medical Corrin Miller
Siemens Healthineers Lynn Mueller-Hegemann
Sirtex Medical Rick Kadile
Terumo Interventional Systems Kristina Connelly
TriSalus Life Sciences Heather Chemtob


If you are interested in learning more about an SIR Corporate Partner that is not among those listed above, please contact the SIR Corporate Relations Department.