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Volunteers are at the heart of SIR’s and SIR Foundation’s work. With over 800 active volunteers contributing time, talent and expertise, SIR and SIR Foundation are able to provide members with resources, education, standards of practice, clinical practice guidelines and much more. Our members’ efforts are invaluable, allowing us to accomplish incredible things and further interventional radiology as a whole.  

Those looking for an opportunity can apply for open volunteer seats on SIR Connect.

The following are the SIR and SIR Foundation volunteer group charges and rosters as of April 1, 2024.

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There are many benefits to volunteering for your society – networking with fellow members and making connections, developing technical and/or leadership skills and the ability to create additional opportunities for yourself throughout your career. SIR encourages you to get involved in the society and make an impact in the community through volunteerism. There are opportunities to suit your interests, level of effort and available time commitment. For a full list of opportunities available at SIR, please refer to the information below.

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