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Working for you in Washington



  • Build relationships with key members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Advocate strongly in Congress for interventional radiology.
  • Help pro-health care and pro-IR individuals achieve or maintain national office.
  • Complement SIR's communications, educational and research initiatives.
  • Support legislation conducive to innovation in and patient access to IR services.
  • Complement SIR's strategic mission.
  • Mobilize an elite group of engaged and politically active interventional radiologists.


Learn more about how SIRPAC works for IR in Washington. Watch a short video. 

Be the leader of the PAC!  Join SIRPAC's fundraising contest.

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SIRPAC has kicked off its annual fundraising contest, which will run from July 5 through Dec. 15, 2018. 

This year’s contest will be broken up into two categories: state vs. state and program vs. program.  The state and program that collect the highest number of contributors as well as the state and institution with the most funds wins!

Special recognition will also be given to states and institutions that come in second and third place. In addition, the individual who contributes the most money during the contest will receive a free registration to SIR 2019. 

In addition to special recognition, winners will be invited to the SIRPAC luncheon at the 2019 Annual Meeting where they will receive recognition from SIR leadership, as well as be recognized in various SIR publications, including the IRQ and Guidewire.  The winning program will also receive $500 towards a luncheon, which can be held at the winner’s institution. 

Last year, SIRPAC eclipsed its contribution record by collecting more than $80,000 from the SIR membership.  Your contributions over the years helped us achieve legislative wins such as preventing cuts of up to 41 percent to IR services through the physician fee for service system; reducing the payment reduction through the MPPR; and introducing legislation which would increase GME funding for new IR residencies. None of this would have been possible without SIRPAC support.

As of today, roughly 6 percent of SIR members contribute to the PAC. The national average for national medical specialty PACs is 10 percent.  Imagine what we could do if we were to double the amount of SIR members who contribute to the PAC. 

SIRPAC is the only PAC that advocates exclusively for IR and 100 percent of your contributions goes directly toward supporting political candidates and helping to increase SIR’s presence and voice on Capitol Hill. 

Members may give up to $5,000 annually.  Contributions to SIRPAC are not tax deductible.  Contributions from non-U.S. citizens are prohibited.

SIRPAC at work

 GLP members visit congress

  Members of the 2017 Grassroots    Leadership program visit congressional    offices.

GLP meets with congressional staffers   Advocating for IR with congressional  staffers.

 SIRPAC dinner with Rep Billy Long

    Advocating for IR during a breakfast           with Mike Bishop (R-MI 8th District),            member of the House Ways &                 Means Committee, Washington, D.C.      

 GLP breakfast with Mike Bishop

  A SIRPAC dinner with Rep. Billy Long (R-       MO)   

The value of SIRPAC

SIR Past-president James F. Benenati, MD, FSIR, encourages members to get involved so that the voice of IR can be heard on Capitol Hill.

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SIRPAC recognizes donors who make a difference to SIR and SIRPAC. These member stories will inspire and encourage others to take action and advocate for IR.

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