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Top interventional radiology journal devotes March issue to cancer research

Latest Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology features 40 articles focused on interventional oncology

FAIRFAX, VA (March 1, 2019)The Society of Interventional Radiology’s Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (JVIR) has published a special issue of groundbreaking, original interventional oncology (IO) research. The issue, 100-pages longer than usual, is JVIR’s largest ever, and reflects the breadth of oncological research by interventional radiologists.

The March edition of JVIR features 40 studies, letters and invited commentaries covering the span of advanced, image-directed nonsurgical cancer care—from diagnosis, to predictors of outcome, to therapy, palliation and all supportive secondary treatments. Interventional oncology treatments discussed in this issue can be used to target breast, liver, lung, kidney, adrenal, bone and more exotic cancers.

Among the topics covered in this issue are:

  • Analyses affirming ablation and embolization as equivalent to surgery for liver cancers
  • Radioembolization for pancreatic cancer
  • Advanced guidance technologies for enhanced tumor targeting
  • Prostate cancer laser ablation in 120 patients
  • Artificial intelligence for predicting chemoembolization outcomes

“With this issue dedicated to interventional oncology research from around the world, JVIR once again demonstrates that it is the destination journal for interventional oncology researchers and readers,” said JVIR Editor-in-chief, Ziv J Haskal, M.D., FSIR, a professor with the department of radiology and medical imaging at the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville.

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