Networking and Academic Exchanges

Networking and academic exchanges

Networking and academic exchanges

International Scholarship Program 

Deadline for applications to the 2019 SIR Scientific Annual Meeting is Oct 19, 2018.

For physicians within 10 years of completion of training, practicing outside North America, this program fosters professional networking through an opportunity to attend the SIR Annual Scientific meeting. Optional observerships are offered before or after the annual meeting. SIR's International Scholars Program is a valuable initiative for those who wish to build key relationships as future international IR leaders, educate the U.S. membership on new technologies from outside North America, strengthen the developing international IR movement and build the leadership base among partnered international societies. Read more.

Giveback Project

Vounteer to be a International Visiting Professor or Host society/Host hospital. The purpose of these educational trips is to engage, teach, interact with and learn from interventional radiologists outside of the United States.  Our focus is on elevating and enhancing the specialty of IR and developing new relationships within the global IR community.   Read more

International recognition and networking

Speakers Bureau

A key initiative for SIR is increasing the presence of women, young professionals, minorities and non-US based physicians within interventional radiology at national and regional meetings to demonstrate the diversity IR and add to educational richness of programs. The SIR Speakers Bureau is an online resource available to the society as well as those organizing conferences, workshops, continuing education and similar programming. Read more

Recognize those that support in global networking.  Read more