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Where industry finds partnership in IR

Corporate relations

Corporate relations at SIR works to facilitate partnerships and exchange between our community of IR practitioners and the businesses driving to develop and distribute medical technologies. With SIR and SIR Foundation, industry now has the ideal venue to get closer to users of its technologies, support community growth in everything from early career training to research on outcomes, and ensure products are developed with an eye toward optimal application and deployment.

Our tradition of partnership started over 40 years ago, when new devices enabled clinical pioneers to attempt the first true, minimally invasive, interventional techniques and inaugurate our current era of modern medicine.

As the newest independent specialty, interventional radiology continues to find its mission aligned with those innovative companies that seek to advance the edge of the field and ally with SIR as a pillar of the global medical community.

Corporate support and the ambassador program

Far-sighted industry partnerships enable SIR and SIR Foundation to create a systemic impact on the field of interventional radiology. In particular, the Corporate Ambassador Program (CAP) is SIR's marquee program for recognizing your business' engagement. Learn how your company can become one of our corporate ambassadors and how CAP works to advance the mission we all share. Also, consider becoming a SIR Foundation gala sponsor at SIR 2017.

Exhibit opportunities

Your company's exhibit at an SIR meeting is just the beginning. Intensive meetings, like LEARN with its advanced PAD content, Y90: The Complete Course in interventional oncology and the Fellows Spring Practicum for graduating trainees, create intimate audiences of physicians with specialized interests and practices. Meanwhile, the comprehensive and community-encompassing Annual Scientific Meeting provides energetic and meaningful engagement across the entire community of practicing and future IRs.

Advertising opportunities

Work with our office to access a wide range of advertising platforms to meet specific business objectives and budgets.

Extend your reach among practicing interventional radiologists, health care and hospital administration and other key decision-makers year-round through targeted member communications like JVIR, IR Quarterly, digital IR Quarterly, SIR Today, and Guidewire. Or, design your own email blast to engage SIR members with a specific message.

Society meetings further present a multitude of opportunities to place your brand and products in front of practicing IRs.

Coming up next:

Coming up next:

SIR 2017

Join an audience of 5,000 leaders and doers at the forefront of interventional radiology. SIR 2017 is the most comprehensive IR meeting, with unmatched diversity of topics, range of learning formats and direct access to leading thinkers in the specialty. As an exhibitor in the Expo, you will experience a truly unique opportunity to share your latest information, innovative techniques and best practices while networking and building relationships with IR professionals. Destination, D.C.—March 4-9, 2017.

Annual Meeting for industry

CAP and IR access

James F. Benenati, MD, FSIR, and chair of the CAP Delegate Task Force discusses CAP and the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting.

Coding decoded

SIR’s Health Policy and Economics team provides information on the varied activities the society engages in to ensure proper coding of interventional radiology services. SIR is committed to assisting you, your institution and your staff in submitting accurate claims for reimbursement of services provided.

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SIR 2017

SIR 2017 is the most comprehensive IR meeting. No other meeting offers the diversity of topics, the range of learning environments and access to leading thinkers in the specialty. Destination, D.C.—March 4-9, 2017.

SIR 2017

Special event during SIR 2017: IR Economics, Quality and Value: Are you ready for MACRA?

This intensive symposium will offer attendees up-to-date information on the effect of health care reform on payment and reimbursement.

Sessions include:

  • Interventional radiology: The dual imperatives of value and quality
  • The ABCs of MIPS
  • IR structured reports and IR Registry
  • Getting a seat at the APM table

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SIR has impact

From global networks to local practice

SIR advocates on behalf of its members and interventional radiology before Congress, medical governing bodies, insurance carriers and other key decision-makers. The society also reaches around the world and out to partners across corporate, public and private sectors to ensure the story of interventional radiology is spread through a range of communication channels.

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