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The SIR and SIR Foundation governance structures

Governance principles

SIR and SIR Foundation leadership recognizes that the current society and foundation governance and operational structures need to evolve in order to support continued innovation and change, while still embodying the SIR core values that exemplify the culture of our volunteers and staff.

  • Governance shall operate on the principle of centralized authority and distributed decision-making.
  • To support the SIR and SIR Foundation governance, leadership shall be appointed based on leadership competencies.
  • SIR and SIR Foundation leadership shall reflect the diversity of the specialty and patients IRs serve.
  • The board relies on robust input to inform strategy from volunteer stakeholders and leaders.
  • The board determines and maintains appropriate committees with clearly defined roles, functions, authority and accountability, and appoints the members of these committees.
  • Together, the evolved operational structures build community and encourage member engagement.