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2014 Dr. Charles T. Dotter Lecture

Watch an introduction to the career of James Benenati, MD, FSIR, SIR's Dr. Charles T. Dotter lecturer and then see "Thirty Miles East of Samar."

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Watch the 2014 Dotter Lecture given by James F. Benenati, MD, FSIR, medical director at Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute in Miami.

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The SIR 2014 Gold Medalists

SIR presented its highest honor, the SIR Gold Medal, to Michael D. Dake, M.D., FSIR; Matthew A. Mauro, M.D., FSIR; and Lenny K. Tan, M.D., FSIR, on March 25, during its 39th Annual Scientific Meeting in San Diego. The Gold Medal acknowledges distinguished and extraordinary service to SIR or to the discipline of interventional radiology.

Video Footage of Patients and Doctors Sharing Stories of How Minimally Invasive Treatments Improve Quality of Life

The video news releases below contain footage of patients describing their experience with interventional radiology treatments, how they found out about these minimally invasive options, and in what ways their lives have improved because of them. Also included are interventional radiologists describing the diseases and procedures from a physician's point of view.

The Society of Interventional Radiology has broadcast quality footage of various IR procedures, physician experts and patients available for the media. Please contact the Communications Department at with questions or requests.

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Interventional Radiologists Advance MS Research: Vein-opening Treatment Safe: Early Study of 231 Patients Details Safety of Using Angioplasty to Widen Internal Jugular and Azygos Veins; Doctors Hope Results Encourage More Research to Explore Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for Those With Multiple Sclerosis (March 28, 2011)
Kenneth Mandato, M.D.
Gary P. Siskin, M.D., FSIR

People Are Talking: Know Your Treatment Options!

People Are Talking: Know Your Treatment Options! (March 2010)

Video News Releases

Freezing Prostate Cancer Does a Man's Body Good (mpg, 57mb)

Freezing Kidney Cancer Should Be New Gold Standard (mpg, 50mb)

Interventional Cryoablation Stops Cancer Cold -- Curative Option for Patients With Small Localized Kidney Tumors (mpg, 23mb)

Nonsurgical Steroid Injection Reduces Neck Pain (mpg, 29mb)

Interventional Radiology Treatment for Liver Cancer (mpg, 25mb)

Nonsurgical Treatment for Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women (mpg, 14mb)

Male Infertility Caused by Varicoceles Is Treated With Enhanced Minimally Invasive Procedure (mpg, 15mb)

Legs For Life 2005 -- ABI Test Can Prevent Diabetic Amputations Caused by Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) (mpg, 16.6mb)

Nonsurgical Treatment for Varicose Veins (mpg, 19mb)

UFE and Fertility (wmv, 7mb)

New Bone Tumor Treatments Reduce Pain Nonsurgically (mpg, 19mb)

Nonsurgical Devices Spray, Chew and Vacuum Away Blood Clots of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) (mpg, 17mb)

Legs for Life Month for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Awareness (mpg, 22.5mb)

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) as Effective as Myomectomy Surgery (mpg, 11.0mb)

Stroke Prevention Treatment: Nonsurgical Carotid Stenting in High-Risk Diabetics (mpg, 11.4mb)

Peripheral Arterial Disease and Smoking (mpg, 28.2mb)

Deep Vein Thrombosis: What You Need to Know About DVT and Blood Clots (mpg, 18.9mb)