Interventional Radiology in the News


  • Interventional radiologists on the forefront of opioid-free pain management featured in the Chico News and Review.
  • NBC News highlights interventional stroke treatments.
  • The New York Times explores the challenges of diagnosing and treating PAD mainstream in this Well Blog item.
  • Subspecialty training was a key takeaway of the 2016 Dotter Lecture. A new survey reported in Diagnostic Imaging further explores the implications for the future of radiology.
  • Radiology Business considers whether interventional radiology ambulatory surgery centers (irASCs) are the way of the IR future.
  • Read about how IRs are displaying their value in a cost-conscious medical world in the March issue of Radiology Today.
  • As part of DVT Awareness Month, SIR member Robert A. Lookstein, MD, FSIR, of Mount Sinai Health System, discussed how to prevent and treat blood clots with New York City’s NBC affiliate.
  • reports on a new study about the cancer risks radiation poses to interventional practitioners using fluoroscopically guided imaging

Media coverage: SIR 2016, Vancouver, British Columbia (sampling)

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